Rules, Instructions and Set-up

 How Do You Set Up The Corn Chip? 

Easy, just unroll and attach on either end with the elastic straps.  Take 8-10 steps back and start chipping.

 How Do I Play A Standard Game?

1-4 players recommended

Standard rules:

  • Each player takes a turn and hits 3 shots
  •  Goal is to get to 18 points           

                    *  1 point Outside the Green

                    *  2 points Inside the Green

                    *  6 points In-the-hole

  • Other players get one turn to catch up once a player reaches 18 points.
  • A shootout occurs in the event of a tie – 1 shot per player, closest to the hole wins.

Of course, we encourage you and your friends to make up your own rules!



But what's the distance? 

Easy! Place the Hit Pad  8 - 10 STEPS away from the Cornhole board.  

Pros do at least 15 STEPS. (Blindfolds optional)